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> Other times some friends and I would go out in the desert for
> hours at a time.  I would ask mom and she would say ok and tell
> me when to be back.
> Can any of you imagine today allowing an 11 or 12 year old to
> take off on a 10 mile bike ride by themselves? Can you imagine
> allowing a child of the same age to go off playing with friends
> for hours at a time not knowing where that child would be?
Jim, I can tell similar stories about my youth, as well. Sean
Hannity mentioned on the radio the other day, that he would
"disappear" on his bicycle after getting off of his school bus.
His mom & dad wouldn't see him until suppertime, between 6:30 and
7pm. Bear in mind that Hannity grew up on Long Island - one of the
five boroughs of what was then the biggest city (population-wise)
in the free world. He quickly added, "you could *NEVER* do that
today." Another loss of freedom. What a travesty!

John Q.

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