The GOP Just Died

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Ken, While I greive with you over these seven pussies and their act of self-stroking Kumbayamanship, now is NOT the time to abandon ship.  Rather, it's time to start raising hell with the mutineers.  The RNC hardly supported this act of PC ass-kissing. Although John McPain puts his weasely wobbly face all over this astonishing collapse of will, it was that son of a bitch, WARNER, who led the march to kiss the backs of liberals' trousers.  Warner, you know -- the same arrogant Country Club Republican who, through dint of much personal effort, gave us Senator Robb over Olie North.  Please write to each of these milquetoast toadies and let them know what you think of them and their lack of guts. Let McPain especially know that his aspirations for the Presidency shriveled with his strange lack common sense and the ability to seize the moment and win.  I don't want HIM rimming our enemies (or our "friends') to placate them for a few days more as we wend our ways through these days of
 peril.  We demand leadership, not Quislingship of those we choose to govern and protect us.  These seven dwarves fail utterly to measure up.

But -- Kumbaya m'Lord -- Democrats like them.


"Kenneth E. Wyman" <kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM> wrote:
This Republican of 55 years watched the Republican
Senate"cave" into the extreme left Democrat Senators'
demand to continue boycotting the President's right to
nominate judges to the courts.

In light of this pusillanimous act of political lack of
will on the part of Republicans, this voter is ending my
membership in the GOP and will encourage others to
do the same. This "failure of principle" will become its
epitaph in the political graveyard.

Ken Wyman

"One must fight if only to have fought according to
one's conscience."

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