"Nuclear Option" - What is it?

John blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET
Wed May 25 23:35:33 MDT 2005

Enforcing the Constitution by eliminating fillibustering on
judiciary nominees......the Constitution doesn't contain
*ANYTHING* about its practice or lack of same. IOWs, the
fillibustering of judiciary nominees has *NEVER* been used before
and the Senate is therefore free to outlaw the practice during a
simple procedural change. In fact, fillibustering has largely been
used to halt equal rights legislation for black folks. Pretty
shameful stuff.

John Q.

On Thu May 19 20:48:52 PDT 2005, Richard A Whitenight
<rum.runner at JUNO.COM> wrote:

> I must have been living in a hole or cave for many years, but how
> is
> "Nuclear Option" defined in regards to politics on Capitol Hill?
> Richard

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