The GOP Just Died

Kenneth E. Wyman kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri May 27 01:27:45 MDT 2005

      it is contended that I now is NOT the time to abandon ship.
Rather, it's time to start raising hell with the mutineers.

   I started raising hell in 1962 as a conservative Republican,
writing a thousand plus pro GOP letters to editors and office
holders and spent years of campaigning.  In essence I've
fought the good fight again and again and this act of
outrageous perfidy is the result.

  Therefore, in this 74th year, I'll pass on the "baton" while
personally telling the political likes of the Republican party
to go to hell.

Ken Wyman

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> Here's an idea I heard someone talking about yesterday.  If you have
> been giving money to the RNC, stop.  Instead of giving them your money,
> donate directly to the Republican candidates you can support.  That way
> your money goes to them and not to McCain.
> MCSpearing wrote:
> > Ken, While I greive with you over these seven pussies and their act of
> > self-stroking Kumbayamanship, now is NOT the time to abandon ship.
> > Rather, it's time to start raising hell with the mutineers.  The RNC
> > hardly supported this act of PC ass-kissing. Although John McPain puts
> > his weasely wobbly face all over this astonishing collapse of will, it
> > was that son of a bitch, WARNER, who led the march to kiss the backs of
> > liberals' trousers.  Warner, you know -- the same arrogant Country Club
> > Republican who, through dint of much personal effort, gave us Senator
> > Robb over Olie North.  Please write to each of these milquetoast toadies
> > and let them know what you think of them and their lack of guts. Let
> > McPain especially know that his aspirations for the Presidency shriveled
> > with his strange lack common sense and the ability to seize the moment
> > and win.  I don't want HIM rimming our enemies (or our "friends') to
> > placate them for a few days! more as we wend our ways through these days
> > of peril.  We demand leadership, not Quislingship of those we choose to
> > govern and protect us.  These seven dwarves fail utterly to measure up.
> >
> > But -- Kumbaya m'Lord -- Democrats like them.

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