The GOP Just Died

Jose jrojas at MINDSPRING.COM
Fri May 27 15:54:55 MDT 2005

Consider joining Club for Growth:

Our members support the Reagan vision of economic growth through limited
government and lower taxes.

Here's how the Club works for you to make your political contributions

1. JOIN NOW -IT'S FREE! For a limited time only, all new members who
contribute at least $25 will receive a free Club for Growth t-shirt.

2. Get our MEMBERS ONLY bulletins on how you can help push our nation's
economic policies in a pro-growth direction.

3. Contribute to our hard-hitting issue ads that promote economic growth

4. Get our MEMBERS ONLY recommendations on the best candidates in the most
important House and Senate races in the country.

5. Contribute to the candidates you like best through the Club for
Growth-and 100% of the money goes to the candidate's campaign.

6. Your contributions are combined with thousands of other Club members for
maximum impact!

I am only a member and letting everyone else know about the club. I hope
this is not taken as an advertisement.


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Here's an idea I heard someone talking about yesterday.  If you have been
giving money to the RNC, stop.  Instead of giving them your money, donate
directly to the Republican candidates you can support.  That way your money
goes to them and not to McCain.

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