Flush it, Smear it, Burn It

John blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET
Fri May 27 17:43:47 MDT 2005

On Fri May 27 15:54:11 PDT 2005, Jose <jrojas at MINDSPRING.COM>

> This is not a knock on Newsweek, they've had their fair share of
> > criticism. They published what they believed to be a reliable
> > report of the flushing of the Koran.

I'll grant you that much, Jose.....sounds innocuous and even
slightly warm and fuzzy - depending on your perspective.

*BUT*......let's all think for a moment. Would this kinda stuff
have been printed during WWII? *NO*!!! Wouldn't even be mentioned
by the famed Edward R. Murrow, revered among his own kind as being
a noble and straight-shooter. This is the sort of story that gives
aid and (dis)comfort to the enemy by getting them riled up into an
insane rage. The end result is even more determination to fight to
the death in effort to eliminate Western Civilization.

Secondly, *ANY* retard knows the Koran *CANNOT* fit down the drain
hole of the common commode......I should apologize here to the
mentally retarded, since they are too smart for a silly,
unbelieveable stunt.

> You know I have a very difficult time seeing this as a cause for
> > murder. If someone were to flush or burn the Bible in front of
> > me, I would be offended but I wouldn't go on a murdering
> > rampage. My God is not in that book, my God exists regardless
> of > a book.

I agree 100%, Jose.......*HOWEVER*, this is the difference between
their culture and ours. They are still locked in the 11th century
and are easily mind-controlled by their spiritual leadership -
made easy because of a lack of education and no ability to reason.
They are still savages. Say what you want about the decadence in
today's Western World, but we are far more civilized, educated and

> Newsweek was doing what any news magazine does, publish stories >
> that we hope have been verified. The radicals of that world will
> > use any excuse to attack us, Newsweek just provided them the
> > reason of the week. They will have other excuses very soon I'm
> > sure. It is tragic that American soldiers are caught in the
> > middle of crazed maniacs and our journalists.

If they were *REAL* journalists, they'd have spiked the story. You
never run a story that puts your home nation in a bad light -
*UNLESS* you are seeking to destroy it.

> Segway to Abu Ghraib. I looked for a list of tortures at Abu    >
> Ghraib. I found a site that is not pro-Administration and       >
> according to them, "This is just what the military could confirm
> > as having happened:" (List Below)

Listen, I saw far worse "torturing" going on during the annual
"Pledge Week" (frat recruitment time for those in Rio Linda) in
college. Like Jim Quinn likes to say, "it amounted to nothing more
than games of naked Twister."

John Q.

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