Parents Sue School For Banning "God Song." - AP csd_1212 at JUNO.COM
Fri May 27 20:24:32 MDT 2005

Seems like to be consistent they would have to ALSO have to ban
 Steppenwolf's "G-dDamn the Pusherman"
and doesn't anything that expreses a belief in "The Devil" show religion, if only by mirror image.??
  Say goodbye to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" !

Say - witches - Isn't Wicca a religion?

Charlie Darling

-- John <blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET> wrote:
Parents Sue School for Banning 'God' Song
By JEFFREY GOLD, Associated Press WriterSat May 21, 6:58 AM ET

A public school prohibited a second grader from singing a
religious song at a talent show, prompting a lawsuit Friday
alleging violation of the girl's constitutional rights.

A federal judge declined an emergency request to compel Frenchtown
Elementary School to allow 8-year-old Olivia Turton to sing
"Awesome God" at the Friday night show, but allowed the lawsuit to
go forward.
The girl's lawyer, Demetrios K. Stratis, questioned how the
Frenchtown school could reject Olivia's choice but allow another
act based on the opening scene of "MacBeth."

"They've got a scene about boiling animals and witchcraft, but
they won't allow a song about God," Stratis said.

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