Parents Sue School For Banning "God Song." - AP

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Fri May 27 22:43:16 MDT 2005

csd_1212 at wrote:


>   Say goodbye to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" !

You might be right only because the devil is not portrayed favorably in
that song.

> Say - witches - Isn't Wicca a religion?

It is a religion.  You just need to remember that when a liberal says
seperation of church and state that he/she/it means seperation of
Christianity and Judaism and state.  Remember a couple of years ago in
California a school district wanted to require all students to pretend
to be moslems for a week and memorize parts of the koran.  I didn't hear
a peep out of the aclu on that one.  It was some eeeeeeeeeevil right
wing wackos that protested this blatant example of religion in the
public school.

> Charlie Darling

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