Another One Violates Election Laws - No Real Surprise, Though........

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Democrat Party, Jesse Jackson Violated Election Laws
By Susan Jones Morning Editor
May 27, 2005

( -- The Federal Election Commission is fining both 
the Democratic Party and two of Jesse Jackson's groups for 
campaign finance violations dating back to the 2000 presidential 

Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coaltion and Citizenship Education Fund 
will pay a fine of $100,000, and so will the Democratic National 
Committee -- for orchestrating a partisan voter registration 

The fines stem from a September 2000 agreement in which the DNC 
paid Jackson's groups $450,000 to offset the costs of a 
get-out-the-vote and voter registration drive intended to get more 
Democrats to the polls, the FEC said.

The American Conservative Union, which filed the complaint against 
the DNC and Jackson's groups four years ago, called the FEC ruling 
a "real vindication" for Republicans and conservatives.

"The word is now out -- crooked election practices that have 
become the standard of the Left will not be tolerated," said ACU 
Chairman David Keene in a statement on the group's website.

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According to the ACU, Jackson and his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition 
orchestrated a massive voter registration drive before the 2000 

Election law says such efforts must be strictly nonpartisan, but 
the Rainbow/PUSH campaign was closely coordinated with the DNC and 
targeted Democrats, ACU said. In addition to planning and 
coordinating campaign efforts, the DNC reimbursed Jackson's group 
for its work.

The ACU said it filed suit in 2001 "after the public evidence of 
the abuse became too visible to ignore."

Another Jackson-watcher, the National Legal and Policy Center, 
said FEC ruling confirms that Jackson's Citizenship Education Fund 
(CEF) - his largest nonprofit group - operates outside of its 
nonprofit tax status.

"The tax-exempt purpose of CEF is to conduct nonpartisan voter 
registration and get-out-the-vote campaigns," said Peter Flaherty, 
president of the National Legal and Policy Center.

"Now that the FEC has officially determined that CEF has engaged 
in partisan activities, it is confirmation that CEF is in 
violation of its tax-exempt status. The Internal Revenue Service 
should revoke CEF's tax-exempt status without further delay."

In 2001, the National Legal and Policy Center filed a formal IRS 
complaint against CEF.

The complaint alleges that Jackson uses the Citizenship Education 
Fund as a vehicle to "shake down" corporate America; that Jackson 
appears to have used the tax-exempt group to enrich himself and 
those close to him; and that CEF, among other omissions, failed to 
disclose on its tax return payments to Jackson's mistress, Karin 

NLPC said Jackson responded to the complaint "with a furious 
attack on NLPC," but he also announced that CEF's tax return would 
be amended to reflect the payments to Stanford.

Said Flaherty, "Our previous allegations should have been enough 
to result in the revocation of CEF's tax-exempt status. The FEC's 
finding that CEF is partisan should settle the issue once and for 

"We plan to amend our complaint with this new information."

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