Gasoline Price Gouging

John blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET
Thu Sep 1 10:29:25 MDT 2005

A shop in the Pittsburgh area cranked their price by 50-cents to 
$2.99 overnight. This is wholly ridiculous!

John Q.

On Thu Sep 01 04:30:09 PDT 2005, "Stephen A. Frye" 
<s.frye at VERIZON.NET> wrote:

> At 09:45 PM 8/31/2005, you wrote:
>> Dudley D. Doright wrote:
>>> Stations in my area went from $2.59 yesterday to $3.29 Today.  
>>> Smells to
>>> high heavin.
>>> DD
>> In the email he sent to W, Richard said something about people 
>> rioting over gasoline.  This is possible.  I passed one gas 
>> station on the way to work today.  Gas that was selling for 
>> $2.79 a week ago is now going for $3.29.  Price gouging on the 
>> part of whoever is responsible will only give support to the 
>> DemocRATS and anyone else who buys into the notion that all 
>> business is bad and the evil capitalists must be punished.  If 
>> this goes on for very long, you'll see people robbing gas 
>> stations telling the clerk to turn on the pump.
> That didn't happen during the horrendous gas lines of the 70's, 
> it won't happen now.  People will simply pay - and, if necessary, 
> wait in long lines to do it.
> Stephen A. Frye
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> steve at

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