Gasoline Price Gouging

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Thu Sep 1 17:27:49 MDT 2005

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>He should do something.

Good suggestion. I'm sure that would go a long way to solve the problem. No 
offense but like the left, one shouldn't criticize unless one has a 
reasonable alternative.

>What did they do during world war 2?

Ration coupons. He does not have the power to do that (fortunately in my 
opinion). War has not been officially declared. However, this is a 
different situation. There is no shortage like during the war but rather a 
problem with capacity and distribution.

The west coast does not have as big a problem as the east because it has 
its own refineries, oil fields, the pipeline and the ports are all open. 
The east depends on the gulf refineries, ports and oil rigs. What Bush is 
doing is to waive stupid regulations (which just goes to show what they do) 
that hinder the free flow of petroleum products throughout the US. Such as 
allowing foreign ships to transport gasoline between US ports. The US 
simply does not have enough ships to meet shipping demands (another 
contributor to high prices). And, as someone already mentioned, waive those 
ridiculous regional blends that do nothing more then raise prices and slow 

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