FW: Man Fired By American Red Cross For Not Celebrating Homosexuality

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Thu Sep 1 19:14:39 MDT 2005

Why am I not surprised by this action by the ARC?


Man Fired By American Red Cross For Not Celebrating Homosexuality

The American Red Cross fired an employee, Michael Hartman, for expressing
his disagreement with homosexuality.

Hartman had been a volunteer and donor for the Red Cross for over 30
years when he became an employee at the San Diego, California, center. 
He had been there for about eight months when, in the latter part of May
2005, a mass e-mail was sent to employees reminding everyone that June
was Gay and Lesbian Pride Month and employees were encouraged to
"observe" the celebration.

The e-mail, distributed by Chief Diversity Officer David Wilkins, stated,
"It is my pleasure to announce that June will be recognized as Gay and
Lesbian Pride Month at national headquarters.?It is only fitting that we
reinforce our organization's commitment to inclusion?by recognizing this
important group and celebrating the many accomplishments they have made
to our organization.?I'd like to take this opportunity during the month
of June to encourage field units to extend their reach into gay and
lesbian communities."

As a Christian, Hartman was concerned by the e-mail and expressed his
sentiments to his female supervisor, "who did not care." He then e-mailed
several head administrators, who immediately called him into the Red
Cross regional center in Pomona, California. Hartman was reprimanded and
told that his e-mail was "not appropriate."

The "inappropriate" e-mail that Hartman sent contained the following

"I would like to start by stating that I am a Christian not willing to
compromise my beliefs to promote the agenda of the homosexual community.
I would also like to say that I think it's disgraceful that while most of
us [at the Red Cross] are trying to save lives, a select few are using
this organization to promote their own lifestyles which in my opinion are
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