Chavez Criticizes U.S. Response to Katrina

John blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET
Thu Sep 1 20:48:45 MDT 2005

The flippin' idiot has no room to talk about Bush or anyone else. 
Where's *HIS* money? How much is Chavez-the-Loudmouth giving to 
help provide aid?


John Q.

On Thu Sep 01 19:21:20 PDT 2005, Richard A Whitenight 
<rum.runner at JUNO.COM> wrote:

> Chavez Criticizes U.S. Response to Katrina Wires
> Thursday, Sept. 1, 2005 CARACAS, Venezuela - Venezuelan leader 
> Hugo Chavez offered humanitarian
> relief Wednesday in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina but 
> sharply
> criticized the U.S. government's planning and response to the 
> disaster. Chavez focused his criticism on U.S. President George 
> W. Bush, calling
> him "the King of Vacations," referring to the fact he was at his 
> Texas
> ranch when the hurricane struck. "As more information comes out 
> now, a terrible truth is becoming evident:
> That government doesn't have evacuation plans," Chavez said 
> during a
> speech. He said Bush, "there at his ranch, said nothing more than 
> 'you need to
> flee;' he didn't even say how - in cowboy style." In contrast to 
> an earthquake or tsunami, the hurricane came "in slow
> motion," and U.S. authorities had time to plan, Chavez said. 
> "There are many innocent people who left in the direction of the
> hurricane. No one told them where they should go," Chavez said. 
> "It's
> surprising how in a city that has the ocean on one side, and is 
> below sea
> level, there wasn't an evacuation plan." He praised Cuba's record 
> of organizing evacuations ahead of hurricanes as
> an example. "We all saw the long lines of desperate people 
> leaving that city in
> vehicles, those who had vehicles," Chavez said, adding that the 
> area hit
> by Katrina includes "some of the poorest in the United States, 
> most of
> them black." "How is it possible that this occurs in the United 
> States and the 'King
> of Vacations' says 'flee to high ground'?" Chavez said. "It isn't 
> known
> how many dead there are." The Venezuelan leader, a fierce critic 
> of Bush, spoke just hours after
> Venezuela's Citgo Petroleum Corp. pledged a US$1 million 
> (euro820,000)
> donation for hurricane aid, and after his government offered 
> humanitarian
> workers and fuel to help. "It's a terrible tragedy that our North 
> American brothers are living
> through," Chavez said. "We have a battalion from our Simon 
> Bolivar
> humanitarian team ready in case they authorize it for us to go 
> there, if
> they give us the green light." He said Citgo was already giving 
> aid to some 2,000 flood victims in the
> area of its refinery in Lake Charles, Louisiana. "We have given 
> US$1
> million (euro820,000), a modest sum," he said. The funds from 
> Citgo - based in Houston and owned by state oil firm
> Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. - will be directed to aid 
> organizations in
> affected areas, company president Felix Rodriguez said in a 
> statement. Venezuela, the world's fifth largest oil exporter, is 
> a major supplier of
> fuel to the United States, though relations have been tense 
> between
> Washington and Chavez, a self-proclaimed "revolutionary" with 
> close ties
> to Cuba's Fidel Castro. "We are willing to donate fuel for 
> hospitals, for public transport,
> everything we can do," Chavez said, without specifying how much 
> fuel. Meanwhile, Citgo asked for 250,000 to 500,000 barrels of 
> oil Monday from
> the U.S. federal petroleum reserves to ensure that its Lake 
> Charles
> refinery doesn't run out. Chavez said the fierceness of recent 
> hurricanes is a product of global
> warming, and blamed in large part "capitalist consumerism" 
> championed by
> the United States. He noted the United States hasn't signed the 
> Kyoto
> Protocol aimed at reducing so-called "greenhouse gases."

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