Gasoline Price Gouging

Dennis Putnam dap1 at BELLSOUTH.NET
Fri Sep 2 16:54:16 MDT 2005

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At 08:15 PM 9/1/2005, you wrote:

>Your claim sometime back:
>"The 9/14/02 joint resolution is a declaration of war even
>though it does not use those specific words. It authorizes the president
>full discretion to use the military to fight terrorism when and where he
>deems appropriate. If that is not a declaration of war what is?"

Good point, I stand corrected (damn, even I got sucked in to forgetting 
that by the constant drone of misrepresentation). I suppose the president 
could indeed enforce rationing. However, that would probably be counter 
productive and lead to artificial shortages. In any case the complaint is 
not supply as much as it is cost (Colonial  Pipeline is about 60% now, 100% 
expected by Sunday). Rationing would not help that. The Atlanta area 
supplies are pretty much back to normal already. It should also be noted 
that the governor has suspended fuels taxes for the rest of the month. That 
will drop the price by ~$0.15 to about $3).

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