Health hazards in New Orleans

Carl Spitzer cwsiv_2nd at HOTPOP.COM
Fri Sep 2 23:24:04 MDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-08-30 at 21:57 -0700, Jim wrote:
> I've heard several news reports today that reminded me of something I 
> hadn't thought about.  That water is all over New Orleans.  That water 
> has innundated all sorts of facilities that held any chemical you can 
> think of.  Also there is all the sewage, and all sorts of rotting 
> organic matter including all the people who have died.  Remember the 
> rescue people have said they are in such a rush to get people out that 
> they have to push the dead out of the way.  Also there are all the 
> mosquitos that will breed in that water and all the diseases they'll carry.
> It's not just New Orleans.  The affected area includes New Orleans, 
> Mobile, Alabama and everthing in between.
Can the treat the water with bleach to change the PH and make it
unfriendly to mosquitoes and disease?  Are they going to drain the swamp


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