Gasoline Price Gouging

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Mon Sep 5 14:05:03 MDT 2005

>that by the constant drone of misrepresentation). I suppose the president
>could indeed enforce rationing. However, that would probably be counter
>productive and lead to artificial shortages. In any case the complaint is
>not supply as much as it is cost (Colonial  Pipeline is about 60% now, 100%
>expected by Sunday). Rationing would not help that. The Atlanta area
>supplies are pretty much back to normal already. It should also be noted
>that the governor has suspended fuels taxes for the rest of the month. That
>will drop the price by ~$0.15 to about $3).

I agree that rationing is absolutely a wrong answer.  We traveled this 
weekend to our son's wedding and noticed that prices increased by .20 to 
.30 from Friday until the trip back on Monday.  (same stations).

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