Some Post NOLA Evacuee Thoughts

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Mon Sep 5 20:00:02 MDT 2005

Well, the state of Texas has now been "flooded" with evacuee's from NOLA.
 There's at least 10-12,000 in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and an
untold amount in the Houston area.  I think its safe to presume that this
group is made up of those who could not get out of NOLA due to physical
or mental handicap reasons, those who were located in hospitals, and
those who were primarily too stupid to understand to get out of the city
even knowing that a category 5 hurricane would strike the city.  Someone
on the radio advised that as much as 1-10% of those evacuee's could have
been the worst of the population of NOLA (i.e. those on drugs, those who
break the laws, etc).  

In Arlington, Texas, where I live, I spotted quite a few black males
walking the main drag in the city, wearing brand new white tee shirts
with name tags, which makes me believe they are being hosted by one of
the local churches.  

On Saturday, I purchased some food in the drive-thru lane of my favorite
French restaurant (Jack dans la boîte), and the lady who took my order at
the window, who also happens to be one of the managers of the business,
stated that on Friday night, a group of the evacuee's came into the
store, ordered food, and basically stated they wanted "free food".  When
advised by the employee at the cash register that they didn't conduct
their business like that, she stated the evacuee's became very indignant,
and created a ruckus.  She also stated that the evening before, when she
went to her favorite Wal-Mart to pick up some prescription medication,
she had to stand in line almost 2-1/2 hours, due to the fact that in
front of her were evacuee's getting medication, having their co-pay
waived, and she said, "I was a paying customer".  I spoke with a friend
of mine who lives in Killeen, Texas, who advised that they have about 250
of the evacuee's, and that one of them robbed a local store.

I think it's fairly accurate to state that these individuals may have
little or NO money, NO food, and the clothes on their back.  I also feel
that once cities that have these evacuee's release their crime statistics
for the next quarter (or three months), we're going to see a distinct
rise in crime rates, related to vehicle burglaries, robberies, home
invasion, etc.  

I'm hoping that the State of Texas will not allow them to part of our
welfare roles, as they are not taxpaying citizens of this State.  If they
need financial assistance, then let the US government provide it (oh
wait, we pay taxes to the government; forgot about that <g>).  

I think this mass migration of evacuee's to the State of Texas, will be
our next disaster.

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