Katrina Observations

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The paralysis was wholely predictable.  The NOLA metroplex has been so coopted by democrat balkanizing and so adicted to Big Government handling of every damned thing (liberal Utopia), that when the chips started falling across the table, the state and city bureaucracies assumed the Waiting for Uncle Sugar stance all the while Lake Ponchartrain was emptying and the creeks were rising.  I used to live in New Orleans, on the West Bank, Jefferson Parish (Marero), 1974 - 1975, and my son was born in the Algiers Hospital there.  Discussions of just such a disaster went on in the media and in private every hurricane season.  They new it was coming, sooner or later. Local officials all should be drawn and (French) Quartered.

Thomas Matiska <tom.matiska at ATT.NET> wrote:
When it comes time to play the blame game,  the NO Mayor  and LA Governor can go to the head of the line and take their lumps for the failed evacuation.  The pictures of never used school buses parked in flooded  parking lots says it all.  Loading the buses and driving them to high ground shouldn't take an act of the Federal govt.   

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