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Interesting that an American 'movie-star' is headlined in a
London rag.(See below.) It was noted a few days ago in
Drudge that Sean Penn's boat 'sprung a leak' and his efforts
at 'helping' the poor and needy were hampered. He's a character.
Did you notice that the brit-actor, Pierce Brosnan, as he was
wined and dined in France, joined  Sean Penn in attacking
America's president, Geo. W. Bush? These 'stellar hollywood
stars' attacked our president on the matter of Katrina and its

There was a time when one could simply abide an old rule:
"Hey, it's only a movie (or a play, or a skit) and they're just
acting."  Not so anymore. Not so. No. Movies, plays,
skits have been proven to be vital avenues of educating the
masses in our times. Many movies of today, many plays of
today, are offered to teach you and me, the mere masses, on
how to think properly and correctly on the issues of today, on
the politics of today; on the  morals of today, including family.
In yesterday's world such 'offerings' would be called what
they really are: propaganda.

Back in the 60s, a mere wrinkle of a brow by a newscaster -
a CBS-type known as the most 'believable' man in America -
caused a great change in a poll of the mere masses on the
Vietnam War. Yes, we must become aware of just what the
hollywood and tv hierarchy are up to, and that includes those
who write, produce, direct, and finance as well as the actors and 
actresses chosen for parts and roles in the blockbusters of today. 
Hollywood, television - all media - greatly influence the morals 
and ethics of our times, and that includes how we 'feel' about 
our land of the free.

Over my years I have had to give up on many "stars."
It has been a long life-time. I add now Pierce Brosnan - a
wannabe James Bond - to my ignore list. Sean Penn made
the list a few years  back. I have found it necessary with some
"stars" whom I enjoyed yesterday -  that once I find the
truth of how small, menial, and  seedy they really are - they
must be added to the list. I can no longer enjoy seeing their
movies or tv shows. I include those who are constantly jumping
in and out of beds, as well as those who attack America through
politics. Madonna made my list early on. I change stations
even when they show up as a guest, or do a walk-on cameo
shot.  I had to give up on Shirley MacLaine once she announced
that she was "channeling" for some spirit-guide. Enough! I said.
(I certainly do not want 'hollywood' to be teaching my children,
grandchildren, great-grandchildren about abortion, homosexuality,
infidelity, pornography, and other aspects of living in modern 
And putting letters like R, X, GP, etc. - on a movie or tv show
serves no purpose whatsoever. Hollywood must stop making
such dishonest, even 'evil' shows.)

Perhaps it is a loss for me. So be it. There was a time when
I could enjoy  someone like a Rock Hudson, but after finding
that the "Rock" refused to be a real man in 'real life'- well,
I had to walk away from his  shows. When "re-runs" appear,
I change channels.

For other reasons, the same goes for a dozen others:
Streisand is a great disappointment, and so is Redford.
Jane Fonda made the list before Rock Hudson,  but she
put herself there with a foolish deliberate betrayal of  American 
servicemen fighting for America.  In the past, a few 'rock'
groups made the list but  they all have fallen by the wayside.

The great stars of yesterday stood by and with America:
Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable, Glenn Ford, Bob Hope, Frances
Langford, James Cagney, Claudette Colbert, Betty Grable, Les
Brown, Judy Garland, Carole Lombard, and many others,
including Gracie  Allen and George Burns, and that real 'funny
man' Jack Benny. (The Benny's, Burnses, Hope's were funny
without being crude, filthy, disgusting - which is what hollywood
and television offer today as "fun" or "funny" - most of the 

I must mention four of my greatest: Irving Berlin, the "Duke"
John Wayne, and the great directors, Frank Capra and John Ford.
They knew America. They knew America allowed them to
climb the ladder of success.  Not like the spoiled-children of 
who "exploit" the ladder of success by playing at faus-party 
Today's characters had everything handed to them.

Notice now: to this point I have not mentioned those 'hollywood'
media stars who entered politics. Why? They left hollywood
and television and radio when they "entered" politics.  They were
decent folks who would not "exploit" their positions as
'stars' to influence fans.  Who are they? (The first was Helen
Gahagan Douglas, democrat - who was married to Melvyn
Douglas. She served in Congress.)  There was George Murphy, U.S. 
Senator: a vaudeville-hoofer turned movie star (danced
with a very young Shirley Temple). The biggest of them all was a
fellow who had been a D.J. and sports announcer in Iowa, he
came from Illinois, Ronald Reagan. Reagan left hollywood and
television, took up political commentary, and then entered
the fray to become Governor of California.  He proved successful
in his efforts, and attracted a great political following.  He 
to be a great president at a crucial time in American history.
Quite a guy. (And there were others - one was a "star" on a show
about a "Love-Boat." Remember?)

What about Arnold?  Nothing yet. He appears to be 'trying to play
it smart' with the media - the California/hollywood media.
He is a different breed. Not raised American, he is an unknown
who 'found' his place as a 'hunk' that hollywood would use in its
'hunk-movies.' And he married into the Kennedy family - his wife
is a daughter of the "Shriver" branch of the Kennedys who is a
'television news-announcer.'  Since Arnold is a political unknown, 
we await results.   Of course, California is an unknown today. 
Soon its population will be better than 50% hispanic.  What will 
that mean? California is the largest American state in population, 
than 55 million live there, thus they have the largest number of
congressmen of all the states - - consider one congressman for
about every 600,000 population.

But today we suffer the Penn's and the Brosnan's. We do live
in unsure times, but not because of these characters, they are
mere flies on a ....  Do keep an eye on the future. And never
forget the "propaganda"play that the media offers. The truth
is this: you cannot believe the mainstream media today when
it comes to American politics - that includes hollywood,
television, and the press.  That's a fact, Jack! And when
they offer you a 'recent poll' - chuckle, as you chuck it.

Do share, please. Allen. alod at huntel.net

This is
06/09/05 - News section

Penn accuses Bush amid rescue chaos

The US government was accused of "criminal negligence" as hopes of 
finding survivors faded and the death toll from Hurricane Katrina 
continued to rise.

Holidaymakers returning to the UK spoke of the scale of the misery 
while one said leering police officers demanded young women flash 
their breasts in return for help.

Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Sean Penn, who has been assisting 
rescue efforts in New Orleans, said the US government did not 
"seem to be inclined to help".

"We were pulling drowning people out of the water, it's the 
ultimate distress and human suffering ... dead bodies," he told 

Penn said he had spent nine hours on Monday searching the water 
for people and during all that time he saw just three boats 
carrying US officials.

"There are people that are dying right now and I mean babies and 
old people and everybody in between - they're dying. There are 
people dying and (the US government are) not putting the boats in 
the water, I think that's criminal negligence. I don't think 
anybody ever anticipated the criminal negligence of the Bush 
administration in this situation."

The US authorities were also castigated by British bus driver Ged 
Scott, from Wallasey, Merseyside, who was on holiday in the New 
Orleans area.

He stayed in the Ramada Hotel during and after the devastation 
with his wife, Sandra, and seven-year-old son Ronan. At one stage, 
Mr Scott, 36, had to wade through filthy water to barricade the 
hotel doors against looters.

He told the Liverpool Daily Post: "I couldn't describe how bad the 
authorities were. Just little things like taking photographs of 
us, as we are standing on the roof waving for help, for their own 
little snapshot albums.

"At one point, there were a load of girls on the roof of the hotel 
saying 'Can you help us?' and the policemen said 'Show us what 
you've got' and made signs for them to lift their T-shirts. When 
the girls refused, they said 'Fine' and motored off down the road 
in their boat."


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