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The Culture War Hurricane Just Hit Category 5
Rehnquist's Death, Katrina, and John Roberts just pushed the winds 
of change over 160 mph!
NoDNC.com staff

No sooner has the media attack machine targeted Bush as if he 
personally whipped up the hurricane that devastated New Orleans 
than the liberals received a possibly fatal blow.  Now Bush will 
appoint not only another Supreme Court Justice, but a Chief 
Justice as well.  The democrats and their media attack machine 
have their plate full.  In the midst of all of the other attacks 
on Bush, he's certainly had his hands full being blamed for:

Causing global warming (another name for "Eco-Communism") which 
created hurricane Katrina for not signing the Kyoto protocol (a 
simple anti-American, anti-Capitalist, global socialist power 
Alternately insisting that Bush personally murdered Cindy 
Sheehan's son.
Insisting that Bush lied to get us into Iraq by repeating the same 
things that Clinton and the Democrats said.
And on, and on, and on.  You get the picture, the routine, 
relentless, never ending insane hate-fest from the left (and 
that's just the democrat media machine of ABC, CBS, NBC, and 

Now the media and the democrats will be working overtime to try to 
derail the coming court changes.  After all, judges that actually 
properly interpret the Constitution rather than acting as black 
robed lawyer tyrants would undo the cultural attack from the left 
for the last 40+ years.  With the media's complicity in 
undermining America, and the "democrat" special interests, this is 
shaping up to be a real culture war.

Democrats and their media lapdogs can't stand by idly, they're 
horrified that their precious leftist socialist special interest 
love affairs might come crashing down:

The slaughtering of innocent babies through abortion could be 
impaired (the N.O.W. website is shrieking in horror at Rehnquist's 
Attacking marriage and tradition with homosexuality and feminism 
might be stopped.
Undermining American industry and business with pseudo-"science" 
related to global warming so they can centralize government 
control over industry (i.e. Communism), might be slowed.
Hardcore socialist indoctrination of kids by a public school 
system that attacks values, morals, and character while failing 
academically could be impeded.
The black robed lawyers who created a Communist Russian Era 
fiction of "separation of church and state" could be stopped and 
the Constitution might actually be read!  Amazing, that it would 
be read for what it says and not what some nutcase lawyer in a 
black robe demands America pay homage to.
The black robed lawyer made allowance for perversion and 
pornography as "free speech" may be threatened.
Anti-Americanism and hatred of the U.S. Military might be 
portrayed even more clearly than ever by the left and their media 
Attempts to eliminate the Second Amendment to the U.S. 
Constitution and leave Americans defenseless will certainly be 
It's easy to see why the democrats and their media lapdogs engage 
in these completely insane rants.  Their attacks on the 
foundations of America and their deranged anti-family politics are 
being slowed and possibly stopped.  A few more blows and their 
grand United Nations Socialist plans could come crashing down.

With these judicial nominations, in the midst of an upcoming 
election season, the democrats and their extremist media 
propaganda machine may finally collapse.  Can you imagine 
democrats having to answer to their radical constituents, as well 
as their more moderate party members who are democrats just 
because their parents were?  Let's see now, coming away from 
confirmation hearings embroiled in " Can you imagine the various 
ways senators might ask the question "do you support the right to 
butcher babies?"  or how about "don't you agree Judge Roberts that 
gays should be able to teach 4th, 5th, and 6th graders about how 
to perform homosexual acts in school?"  or what about "don't you 
agree judge that homosexuals should have a right to be married and 
to be sure that all those angry white guys don't come and shoot us 
for treason, you would user your scissors to cut the Second 
Amendment from the Constitution as well?"

Yep, it might be a bit tough heading into elections supporting 
their core constituents of baby killers, homosexual marriage 
advocates, gun grabbers, feminists, and other assorted social 
misfits.  Most of the remaining black community would abandon 
them, and much of the rest of the non-rabid socialists would 
abandon them as well.  Is it any wonder that the radical leftist 
democrat media machine is doing anything they can to ATTACK Bush?

Never forget, the same network stations that run ABC, CBS, and 
NBC, have Hollywood studios that produce some of the sickest, most 
deranged, vile sewer-pipe trash for television that the world has 
ever seen.  Horror shows filled with Satanism, demons, witchcraft, 
sorcery, slasher flicks with murder, blood, guts, dismembered 
bodies, sex scenes with men, women, animals, and even kids.  And 
the list goes on.  The sick Bush hating Hollywood influence on the 
networks is unmistakable.  Every newscast has every picture, 
comment, statement, interview, and everything you see on those 
networks carefully scripted to present the message that the 
Hollywood pervert media studios want you to see.


What can you do?

1.  Provide ALL of your friends, relatives, and those in your 
e-mail distribution lists with ALTERNATIVE online news sources.  
It won't take them long to see that the major network media 
stations are propaganda outlets for the left.

2.  Read, understand, and know your enemy and your enemy's 
tactics.  If you know WHO is behind the culture war, and WHAT they 
are doing, then you can more effectively counteract their 

that you "don't talk about politics and religion."  WHY NOT!!  And 
WHO made that stupid rule anyway?  What are people afraid of and 
what about First Amendment Freedom of Speech?  If we DON'T talk 
about politics and religion, then the rabid socialists have 
to see how people respond if someone brings that up and you just 
ask "why?"


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