Chainsaw Journalism?

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News You Can Lose
What I hate about cable TV journalism.
By Jack Shafer
Posted Sunday, Sept. 4, 2005, at 11:48 AM PT

When al-Qaida attacks, the United States invades, or mother nature 
strikes, I increase my newspaper, Web, and TV diet to stay on top 
of events. So it's during times like these, as I surf from CNN to 
Fox to MSNBC and back again, that I comprehend how truly, deeply, 
madly I hate TV news.

Not to take anything away from the reporters and producers slaving 
away on Katrina and the corporate owners who've spared no expense 
to capture the story, but the medium's conceptual blinders and 
stupid conventions keep it from projecting the story in a coherent 
way. In no particular order I 

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