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>>World stunned as US struggles with Katrina
>>Sep 02 10:08 AM US/Eastern

>>By Andrew Gray
>>"Anarchy in the USA" declared Britain's best-selling  newspaper The Sun.
>>"Apocalypse Now" headlined Germany's Handelsblatt daily.

This is from people who can’t control crowds at their soccer games.

>>But some view the response to those disasters more favorably
>> than the lawless aftermath of Hurricane Katrina(re tsunami).

The proper comparison is would be to compare the complete surprise of the tsunami to the 72 hours BEFORE Katrina, when so much should have been done. This is about an "AFTERMATH" that should never have happened.

>>"Not a single tourist caught in the tsunami was mugged.

Nor to my knowledge was a single tourist at the Hyatt. The Mayor may not have been able to use the hundreds of school busses to help the poor, but at least he was able to get luxury busses to the Hyatt to evacuate the VIP’s. Good thing the mayor is black, a white mayor might be accused of racism.

>>.... modern metropolis sinking in water and into anarchy -- it
>> is a really cruel spectacle for a champion of security like
>> Bush," France's left-leaning Liberation newspaper said.

Yes, We are used to seeing this type of anarchy only in places such as Haiti, Lebanon, or any African, Caribbean, Asian, or Middle East former French Colony of your choice. France has left a legacy of social failure centuries long, and who founded New Orleans on a sinking swampy coast?...... never mind....

>>"Maybe it was punishment for what it did to Iraq, which
>> has a man-made disaster, not a natural disaster," said 
>>the woman,............ 

Few  short years ago an Iranian Cleric made a similar point after an earlier US disaster, .... just before an earthquake killed 20,000+ in Iran.

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