Where does the mayor get off

John blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET
Fri Sep 9 09:26:56 MDT 2005

N.O.'s own Emergency Response Guidelines call for a mandatory 
evacuation of the City if a strike by a Category 3 Hurricane.....

On Thu Sep 08 16:15:19 PDT 2005, Jim 
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> Where does the mayor of New Orleans get off ordering a manditory 
> evacuation?  He had hundreds of school buses at his disposal two 
> weeks ago to get people out, but did nothing.
> IMHO the people of New Orleans should be given a deadline.  Also 
> they should be told they should count on not being rescued if 
> they choose to stay past the deadline.
> Three years ago in northern Arizona there was a bad forest fire 
> threatening the town of Show Low.  After an evacuation was 
> ordered, cops went to the homes of those who chose to stay and 
> told them they could stay if they signed a release acknowledging 
> the following:
> They were told they should leave.
> They understand the risks of staying.
> After the deadline firemen will not be put in a situation where 
> their lives would be at risk rescuing those who choose to stay.
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> someone he can blame it on." - Benny Hill

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