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At 07:15 PM 9/8/2005, you wrote:
>Where does the mayor of New Orleans get off ordering a manditory 
>evacuation?  He had hundreds of school buses at his disposal two weeks ago 
>to get people out, but did nothing.

He didn't "do nothing," he ordered and a mandatory evacuation before the 
storm hit. However, it was a voluntary mandatory evacuation and he failed 
to follow his own evacuation plan and order transit and school busses to 
evacuate those that needed transportation. There weren't even any drivers 
put on standby.

>IMHO the people of New Orleans should be given a deadline.  Also they 
>should be told they should count on not being rescued if they choose to 
>stay past the deadline.

Because those that remain behind will pose a health risk to everyone else, 
especially rescue and cleanup workers, they should be bodily removed and 
jailed for obstruction and creating a health hazard. Even the leftover 
sludge is highly toxic.

>Three years ago in northern Arizona there was a bad forest fire 
>threatening the town of Show Low.  After an evacuation was ordered, cops 
>went to the homes of those who chose to stay and told them they could stay 
>if they signed a release acknowledging the following:
>They were told they should leave.
>They understand the risks of staying.
>After the deadline firemen will not be put in a situation where their 
>lives would be at risk rescuing those who choose to stay.

This is a different situation. They were not a health hazard by remaing.

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