Where does the mayor get off

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Dennis Putnam wrote:
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>>Where does the mayor of New Orleans get off ordering a manditory 
>>evacuation?  He had hundreds of school buses at his disposal two weeks ago 
>>to get people out, but did nothing.
> He didn't "do nothing," he ordered and a mandatory evacuation before the 
> storm hit. However, it was a voluntary mandatory evacuation and he failed 
> to follow his own evacuation plan and order transit and school busses to 
> evacuate those that needed transportation. There weren't even any drivers 
> put on standby.
>>IMHO the people of New Orleans should be given a deadline.  Also they 
>>should be told they should count on not being rescued if they choose to 
>>stay past the deadline.
> Because those that remain behind will pose a health risk to everyone else, 
> especially rescue and cleanup workers, they should be bodily removed and 
> jailed for obstruction and creating a health hazard. Even the leftover 
> sludge is highly toxic.

Dennis whatever you're smoking I must insist you share it with me.  If 
I'm staying at my home in New Orleans with food,guns, ammo, water, fuel, 
a generator and other supplies, and minding my own business what am I 
obstructing?  What health hazard am I creating? The way I figure it, I'm 
only creating a health hazard for looters who try to come on my property 
and steal my stuff, or for anyone who tries to abduct me.

>>Three years ago in northern Arizona there was a bad forest fire 
>>threatening the town of Show Low.  After an evacuation was ordered, cops 
>>went to the homes of those who chose to stay and told them they could stay 
>>if they signed a release acknowledging the following:
>>They were told they should leave.
>>They understand the risks of staying.
>>After the deadline firemen will not be put in a situation where their 
>>lives would be at risk rescuing those who choose to stay.
> This is a different situation. They were not a health hazard by remaing.

Being burned alive isn't a hazard to one's health?  Being suffocated by 
the smoke from a forest fire isn't a health hazard?  Different 
situation?  How?


"He who laughs when things go wrong has just thought of someone he can 
blame it on." - Benny Hill

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