Where does the mayor get off

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Thomas Matiska wrote:
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>      > Dennis whatever you're smoking I must insist you share it with
>     me. If
>      > I'm staying at my home in New Orleans with food,guns, ammo,
>     water, fuel,
>      > a generator and other supplies, and minding my own business what
>     am I
>      > obstructing? What health hazard am I creating? The way I figure
>     it, I'm
>      > only creating a health hazard for looters who try to come on my
>     property
>      > and steal my stuff, or for anyone who tries to abduct me.
>     No hazard at all.  As long as you and the tens of thousands of
>     others who
>     stay behind promise  not to use your toilets(guess where it
>     flushes), or catch
>     hepatitis, cholera, etc... from being in close contact with the
>     polluted water.

Since they don't have running water, they must be using outhouses.

>     Promise not to need Police, Fire, Hospital, or any other of the
>     services that
>     are no longer available? 

Let the cops do like they did in Arizona.  Let them know if they stay 
they should not expect to be rescued if they get sick or are just tired 
of it and want out.

>     The bottom line is the "failed response" we are debating could have
>     generously
>     served 10 or 20 thousand victims in New Orleans.   But the LA
>     Governor, NO
>     Mayor, and 50 thousand individual bozos screwed up beyond the power
>     of the
>     Federal govt  to fix. 

I can't agree with you here.


"He who laughs when things go wrong has just thought of someone he can 
blame it on." - Benny Hill

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