Where does the mayor get off

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> Since they don't have running water, they must be using outhouses. 

See any outhouses in the photos?   NO is one big swimming pool, and 
peeing in the pool ain't an individual option.


> > The bottom line is the "failed response" we are debating could have 
> > generously served 10 or 20 thousand victims in New Orleans. 
>>but the LA Governor, NO Mayor, and 50 thousand individual
>> bozos screwed up beyond the power of the Federal govt to fix. 


> I can't agree with you here. 

If this wasn't a failed evacuation what was it? Rescue operations were
pulling 12,000+ per day off roof tops by Thursday. The problem
wasn't the supply of rescue effort, but the demand for it.

- Hundreds of school busses with seating for 20K++ never used. 

-Mandatory evacuation orders(like Barbour made on Sat in MS) were
 not made until Sun by the NO mayor, and never issued at all for
 other parts of LA outside NO.

-7000 troops were prepositioned in MS before the storm, but not in 
 LA because the Gov wouldn't officially declare an  emergency.
  She played a dangerous game of "Simon didn't say"
 (Chiles/ Bush Sr/ Florida/Andrew). except the game didn't go as well
 as it did for Chiles. 

Odd how the "Federal" response failed so badly where State/local officials
failed to declare an emergency, order evacuations, and execute disaster plans.

This was a failed evacuation.

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