From Dems Woo Bill Clinton To Oppose Arnold

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Another Carpetbagging Clinton

Dems Woo Bill Clinton To Oppose Arnold
Enticed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's plunging approval ratings,
California Democrats are courting some heavy hitters to run against him
next year - including Bill Clinton.
"We hear that major donors are reaching out to former President Clinton,
once governor of Arkansas, to run," Paul Bedard writes in his U.S. News &
World Report column, Washington Whispers.
A Democratic strategist quoted by Bedard says: "On first blush, it might
sound nuts. But he'd be governor of the fourth-largest economy in the
world and have the ability to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for
Hillary" if she ran for president.
Other potential candidates being considered include ex-Lakers star Magic
Johnson, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and activist actor Rob
Reiner, aka "Meathead" of "All in the Family" fame.
Says Bedard: "Imagine a 'Meathead vs. Terminator' race in 2006."
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