Utterly Laughable...................If It Wasn't So Pathetic...... ....

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Please, please, please ... give Mayor Nagging a break.  Afterall, hundreds and hundreds and hundres of buses drowned horribly in his stricken city.

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O.K. - Check my math - Hundreds die - instead of thousands - who benefits- ? 

The 900's, Right? :-)  

The real puzzler is  "How dumbed down would people have to be to think "Less Loss of Life = Bad" ?"  < except for the REAL racists, of course! >
Charlie Darling

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Mayor Nagin Blames Bush for Lower Body Count

by Scott Ott 

(2005-09-12) -- New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin today blamed President George Bush...snip...

The former cable TV executive said that if the death count remains in the hundreds, rather than thousands, the big question will be 'who benefits?' 


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