- Hillary Clinton's New Fundraising Focus: Katrina

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Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2005 9:07 a.m. EDT 
Hillary Clinton's New Fundraising Focus: Katrina 
Four days after Sen. Charles Schumer was widely criticized for invoking
Hurricane Katrina to raise campaign cash, Hillary Clinton signaled that
she would make the Bush administration's response to the Katrina disaster
the new focus of her fundraising efforts.

Speaking Monday at a big-bucks Manhattan fundraiser for her 2006
reelection race, Clinton laced into Bush for the Katrina calamity,
blasting what she described as a "total breakdown in leadership" at the
White House. 

"How could we, as Americans, have let this happen?" she fumed to donors,
in quotes picked up by the New York Post. 
The top Democrat also cited Katrina to undermine Bush's image as a strong
guardian of national security, saying the, "We've had four years to fix
[our emergency response]" - a clear reference to the just-passed 9/11
The former first lady said that the Bush administration's failed Katrina
response would leave a "deep and lasting scar that we have to look at
Clinton has been a leading critic of Bush's handling of the disaster
since Katrina's first raindrops fell. But yesterday's event was the first
time the former first lady has used the staggering tragedy to raise
campaign funds. 
It's not known how much cash Clinton's Katrina fundraiser netted her
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