This Was Such A Shock.............

John blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET
Tue Sep 20 05:54:59 MDT 2005

[Folks, I know the perp in this next story - have known him for 
twenty years, as a co-worker (I was a P/T writer for the same 
paper for 18 years), as a fellow parishioner in the local Catholic 
Church, even as a fellow member of the church's Ushers' Club. Both 
of his daughters and his wife are school teachers. His youngest 
daughter is friends with my oldest daughter. Both are Cantors in 
church - there to help lead the singing. He annually works a 
benefit to raise funds for Special Olympics, coached Girls' 
Softball in the local leagues when his kids played, on and on and 
on. If ever there was a pillar in my community, it was this guy. 
Now, to say that his face and the following story on the front 
page of Saturday's paper was a complete shock is putting things 
mildly. It was like finding my own face and name there - *NOT* 
that I've been trolling for children on-line, mind you. I kept 
rading and saying out loud ", it can't be! There's *GOT* to 
be some mistake!" The story that follows is *NOT* the man/friend 
that I know. - John Q.]

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