I need a computer literate person's advice (i.e. un PC GEEK).

Rob H. robh at BRESNAN.NET
Sun Sep 25 19:48:09 MDT 2005

Hi Richard,

The best way to see if your Ethernet card is being recognized is to go
to the device manager and see if you have anything listed under network
adapters.  If network adapters are not even listed there, then Windows
XP is not recognizing the device drivers for the card.  If it is
recognized without a red X or an exclamation mark inside an inverted
yellow triangle then my bet is that DHCP is not enabled on your system,
(which I know for fact Bresnan, my cable company, needs in order for it
to work.)  BTW, Bresnan is one branch off of the now defunct AT&T cable
company and Comcast took over the rest of them, so my bet is they act
pretty much the same in regards to cable modem connections.  To get to
device manager, click START > CONTROL PANEL > SYSTEM, choose the
HARDWARE tab and click DEVICE MANAGER.  The best way to test your DHCP
would be to release and renew your IP address.  To do that click START >
RUN > type CMD > once you see the command prompt type IPCONFIG /RELEASE
> then type IPCONFIG /RENEW.  If it starts bellyaching at you that DHCP
was not initiated or something to that affect, you may need to do one of
two things or both.  I would suggest trying to reinstall your drivers
for your Ethernet card.  If that doesn't work, contact SBC for
instructions on full uninstall of their software and configurations.  I
am not versed in DSL much at all so it would be better to talk to
someone that knows what they are doing with those critters.  Another
place that might give you additional fuel for the fire is the system
information applet.  To get to it click on START > ALL PROGRAMS >
you out.  If so, glad to be of assistance.


robh at bresnan.net

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I have an eMachine T2385, using Windows XP OS (okay, no cracks about
eMachines, okay <grin>).  As of 0100 hours on last Friday morning, my
avenue for accessing the Internet for browsing or e-mail (i.e. SBC DSL)
dropped off line and never came back up.  I decided to open an account
with Comcast for their High Speed Internet since I could save some money
on a 12-month contract, over what I'm paying for SBC Global.  Since I
using SBC DSL with an Ethernet connection, I presumed that the install
disc for Comcast high speed Internet would recognize the Ethernet card
that's supposedly in the system; nada, it didn't recognize it (it kept
saying "No Ethernet detected").  I'm now able to access my e-mail
my Juno account by way of changing to my old internal dial-up modem
(which is butt ugly slow <grin>).  When I attempt to access the Internet
through this (or any other medium), I keep getting a "Server can not be
found" error.  

Question:  Does Windows XP have a diagnostic tool that can search for
and/or recognize if an Ethernet card is in my computer?

I can be reached through this e-mail address for any response to this
message, and or can be contacted by phone at 817-275-3713 (home) or
817-925-1075 (cell).  

I apologize to those of you who received a BCC and do not recognize the
list that I sent this message to.

Best regards,
Richard Whitenight
Arlington, Texas

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