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Not certain, John. Can't tell ya! Sorry....wish I could....

John Q.

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> Which issue of IBD was that in?
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> "The media have pushed the idea that the demonstration this 
> weekend at the
> White House was an 'anti-war' gathering. What they didn't say was 
> who was
> behind it... For the record, the lead organizer [was] ANSWER, 
> which the
> media routinely refer to as an 'antiwar group.' It is nothing of 
> the sort.
> In fact, ANSWER is a front group for the Stalinist Workers World 
> Party. And
> any group that qualifies for that epithet in front of its name 
> deserves
> special scrutiny, since Josef Stalin was responsible for the 
> murder of as
> many as 25 million human beings... So why do 
> communists—particularly those
> who march under Stalin's flag—get different treatment? And why do 
> thousands
> of average people feel comfortable marching arm in arm with them? 
> It's a
> puzzle. After all, according to the 'Black Book of Communism' —a 
> widely
> cited and respected compendium of communism's crimes in the 20th
> century—communist regimes murdered as many as 100 million people 
> over the
> last century. That's quite a record. Indeed, all the century's 
> great mass
> murders—Mao Zedong (65 million), Stalin (25 million), Hitler (21 
> million),
> Pol Pot (2 million)—were communists or socialists. Yet many 
> well-meaning
> people who marched this weekend perhaps didn't know all this. Or 
> perhaps
> they don't mind having their cause besmirched by people who 
> aren't really
> anti-war at all, but anti-America, anti-West, anti-freedom and
> anti-capitalist... Maybe it proves the old adage: Lie down with 
> dogs, wake
> up with fleas." —Investor's Business Daily

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