You Gotta Love The Liberal News Media

Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET
Wed Sep 28 23:53:23 MDT 2005

Richard A Whitenight wrote:
> I was listening to the Communist Broadcasting Service (aka CBS), and
> their lead stories had to do with the tanking popularity of President
> Bush and the Raghead Whore who blew herself up in northern Iraq, killing
> six Iraqi recruits, and injuring many others.  If you listen to these
> Communist rag news services and the far left Communist Democrats, we're
> making no inroads in Iraq, even though they have more rights than under
> So Damn Insane.  I don't see our military using weapons of mass
> destruction to kill over 100,000 people, like So Damn did before we
> started our current military operations in Iraq.  
> Richard
While I think it's terrible that these ragheads blow themselves up, if 
it must happen it's better that the women do it.  One male raghead with 
the aid of a hundred women can have a hundred more little ragheads in 9 
months.  A hundred raghead men and one woman will get you only one 
little raghead in 9 months.


"You are stuck on stupid.  I'm not going to answer that question." - 
General Russel Honore U.S. Army

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