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Search ANSWER, IAC, WWP and you will find more articles than you care to read.   Articles where ANSWER denies it is Stalinist are funny, but fail to explain why they did support the 1989 Tienanmen Square Massacre.

They are anti-war, except they support everybody who wages war against US or Israel.  They are for human rights, but are blind to such violations in countries that hate US or Israel.  All US and Israeli use of force is wrong because "two wrongs don't make a right", but I can't find where they think any act of violence ever committed against the US or Israel is wrong.


1989 Tienanmen Square Massacre ...

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> I found where the article WAS. There's another article there now. I 
> thought that might be a good weekly or daily thing to bookmark. Did that. 
> John 
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