Rush is slipping

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Fri Aug 4 06:55:11 MDT 2006

I like the Charley Wrangel approach:  Hezabaloo


John Quayle <blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET> wrote:   At 11:39 PM 8/2/2006, Carl Spitzer wrote:
 for the last several days Rush has been mispronouncing Hezbulla as Hezbo
 and now today he outright called them lezbos.  So now he is playing with
 fire refurring to this male dominated group of muslams as lezbean
 spearchuckers for the female national socialist movement in the US.
 There are so many levels of insult inherent in that that Rush could be
 in danger of experiencing Islamic worship.

 Is rush doing this deliberately or is he not getting enough sleep.
         Carl, you can bet the rent that Rush is PURPOSELY doing these shenanigans to get some pretty heavy digs in. After all, he took another pounding at the hands of the libs when he was detained in the airport during the Viagra escapade. He's trying to push the "hate-speech" envelope and I think it's a BRILLIANT ploy!!! Let's see some pabulum-puking liberal try to have Limbaugh prosecuted for public hate speech. Ted Kennedy.......if you're lurking out there, have a go!

 John Q.

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