Terrorists get time to rearm.

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I've often wondered why Israel has not developed and deployed a squadron or two of at least good FB-111-style medium range bomber.  "Air to mud" with fighters is not the best solution, and stand-off weapons can only do so much, unless we're talking nukes.


Carl Spitzer <cwsiv at nerdshack.com> wrote: On Sun, 2006-07-30 at 15:19 -0700, Jim wrote:
> Israel has announced they'll stop areal activity over  Lebanon for two 
> days to allow civilians to leave southern Lebanon.
> No doubt hezbollah has made plans to move more weapons into the area 
> during those two days.
Good bring on more targets than Isreal can have a greater effect.  Does
Isreal have B52 bombers?  If they do they could get their mile wide safe
zone and create a 3 point quake in the process.


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