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 Dear Michael,

Thank you for adding your voice and supporting Israel.  We need to be sure that world leaders recognize Israel's right to exist within safe and secure borders, work to return Israel's kidnapped soldiers and pressure Hezbollah to stop their attacks on Israel.
Send a Support Israel Petition to the United Nations ( http://www.hillel.org/supportisrael?ref=ffw ).

Here is how you can help even more:

Spread The Word:

Forward this E-mail to a friend or 
Tell a Friend ( http://www.hillel.org/email_friend?page=%2fsupportisrael&name=Support%20Israel%20Petition&type=supportisrael ) and let others know that their voices count.

Other Ways to Help:

You can donate ( http://hillel.kintera.org/donate?msource=IP76 ) now to help Hillels in Israel.

You can learn more about Hillel's Response to the Situation in Israel ( http://www.hillel.org/about/news/2006/jul/israelcrisis_2006july19.htm ).


Clare Goldwater,
Associate Vice President for Jewish Life

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Shiri Negari - http://www.shiri.us/
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