Similarity between Castro and John

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Mon Aug 7 16:06:03 MDT 2006

The Santorum/Casey race tickles me  Never thought I'd see the Dems get so excited about a pro-gun/life candidate. .  Few short years ago the President and her husband wouldn't let Casey's  pro-gun/life dad speak at their convention.   I'm waiting for the part in this election campaign where Hillary, Teddy, and other big guns from  the Dem party make appearance on Casey's behalf.  That will have entertainment value.  



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> What do Castro and John have in common? 
> They're both old, John creeps closer today, happy birthday John. 
> In other news Santorum is catching up on Casey thanks to some political 
> chess. GOP'ers helped the Green candidate get on the ballot in order to 
> dilute the Democrat vote. Brilliant. 
> Jose 
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