New Program Replacing "Catch & Release"

Tue Aug 8 22:49:21 MDT 2006

Richard I liked your viewpoint on this.  This is happening a lot more 
frequently than it used to.  Two or three years ago you didn't hear 
about this out here.  The wetbacks and coyotes are probably more 
desperate because we're cracking down on them.  A year or two ago they 
would have been caught, released and on their way by lunch the next day. 
  Now they're more likely to be sent to prison or deported.

Dudley you're right also.  No doubt if you go to a pro wetback website, 
they'll have an article about this and complaining about how the 
wetbacks were mistreated.  No doubt the ACLU is getting ready to file a 
lawsuit on their behalf.

Dudley D. Doright wrote:
> The border patrol will probably be charged with assault, and sentenced to
> 20 years. 
> DD
> On Tue, 8 Aug 2006 18:45:33 -0500 Richard A Whitenight
> <rum.runner at JUNO.COM> writes:
>>A more effective border security program is in effect in Arizona. 
>>Yesterday, a SUV packed with more than 13 illegal aliens, rolled 
>>several times when the driver attempted to flee from Border Patrol 
>>had put down spike strips.  Nine illegals were killed as a result of 
>>accident and five were injured.  Now, this is what I call a much 
>>substitute for "Catch & Release".  I still like my idea of placing 
>>50's" on the border, set up to work when motion sensors are 


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