Terror and Immigration

William White wbbanjo at YAHOO.COM
Thu Aug 10 08:43:56 MDT 2006

Britian's home secretary links terrorism and immigration problems to changes that followed from the end of the Cold War.  He said, "that the cold war 'froze' the world into a static state in which migration was minimal, ethnic and religious tensions suppressed and national borders inviolable" (Guardian Unlimited, August 9, 2006).  
  Since the Cold War has thawed, conditions are drastically changed and they bring with them new problems, which the West has been slow to recognize and deal with.  The rise of Islamo-fascism coupled with mass migration gives the terrorists easy access to vulnerable underbellies in the West, while at the same time the West is entangled in the mesh of its own human rights connundrums that present difficulties in dealing quickly and summarily with terrorists at any of their developing stages.  This concept is captured in this comment by the home secretary:  "That momentous scale of transition from static to mobile populations makes mass migration and the management of immigration the greatest challenge facing European governments, in my view" (Guardian Unlimited).
  Tony Blair is beset with infirmity of political will in Britain just as Bush is faced with it in America.  I am amazed and disappointed in my fellow citizens who seem unaware that WWIII is upon us.  Watching the movie, Titanic, last night, I realized that all the evolving states of awareness about the iceberg's impact to the ship are echoed in the responses of our fellow Americans to the tremors we are experiencing in our present and momentous clash with the Islamist-fascist jihad.  I find myself saying silently,  "Thank God for Tony Blair and George Bush."   And I hasten to add,  "Help George Bush to see the importance of immediately and effectively securing the national borders of the USA."

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