terrorist plot

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What really matters is:

That we didn't spy on the suspects or tap their phones without a warrant.

We don't detain them at Gitmo without a trial.

We don't let abusive interrogators hurt their feelings.

We give them the full protection of our Constitution, the Hague Accords, and the Geneva Convention.

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> Hi y'all! 
> I am so thankful for President Bush and others who are taking the 
> terrorist threat seriously and are ever-vigilant to try to stop 
> terrorism before it happens. The news that greeted us this morning, 
> though unsettling, was encouraging - THEY STOPPED THEM!!! As the day has 
> seen some more information surface, it is sobering to think that in the 
> next two days these animals would have done a "dry run" to try out their 
> plot! 
> It would be interesting to know how the officials found out about the 
> plot so that they could foil it. I guess we'll just have to wait a few 
> days until the NY Times exposes it all so that those protecting us will 
> be less effective next time. 
> Yes, Bill, I agree with you that WW III is upon us! 
> Rob 
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