Israel surrenders

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Likud is out and Lib-Light is in, incredibly, thanks to Ariel Sharon (The Lioness of G0d).  Regrettably, things work in Israel the way they do in America and in other democracies.  The right would promptly kick ass and take names all the way to Damascus and maybe on to Qom and Tehran, thus killing the snake that would kill them.  The more Kumbaya-minded, however, would fret, "talk" and compromise the nation step-by-step closer to the grave.  And, yes, this is a retreat, a defeat for Israel AND for free counties everywhere. Evil stands ready to triumph and, filled with the hubris of bearding the "Lion," will crow about it to heavens. The Hezballs will be hi-fiving in the streets and their lunatic recruiters will be overloading with maniac "enlistments."  More death and destruction, not less, is guaranteed and assured for all sides. That would include Americans.  Nevertheless, in a dog fight, one dog or the other eventually always wins. Peace for now, for expedience, has been
 ransomed by the devious, feckless, insincere, manipulators at the hive of intrigue and treachery known as the UN.
  Now, who will ransom captive Israel?
Jim <jim at LADMO.AZANORAK.COM> wrote:
  It sure looks as if Israel has surrendered to the hezbos. Hopefully 
they'll have enough common sense to resume their bombing when the UN 
proves it's unwilling or unable to stop the hezbos.

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