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At 12:39 PM 8/12/2006, you wrote:
>I agree.  Much easier to weed the garden when the weeds are 
>small.  Wait and they get tougher to deal with.  Our problem is 
>cultural lag.  The American body politic is like a slug on a tomato 
>plant, slow to move.   I think we waited too many months before 
>going into Iraq.  They cached their arms, they moved out their 
>WMD's, and they formed cadres that would lead the 
>insurgency.   Timing is so important as we have seen with the 
>British arrests in the latest islamofascist plot.   A week later, 
>and they may have been blowing planes out of the sky with the 
>liquids in milk bottles of their babies or their sports beverage bottles.

It wasn't we (USA) that dragged our feet, it was the UN. As we now 
know, Kofi, France and Russia were making millions from the oil for 
food program so the foot dragging was intentional on their part. The 
mistake we (USA) made was waiting as long as we did for the UN to do 
something it hasn't done in its 60 years of existence. Now we (USA) 
and Israel (this boggles my mind) have once again capitulated to the 
terrorists and the UN, expecting it to again do something it has 
never been able to do in its history.

As an aside, I wonder if the Aug 22 date from Iran where they would 
"light up the sky," was the thwarted plane bombing? It appears that 
there was perhaps as many as 100 terrorists ready to blow up planes 
in mid-air. There is what, and average of 300 people per-plane in 
international flights. Do the math, 300 X 100 = 30000 people dead. 
I'd say that would certainly be a 9/11 topper. If that had some off 
and Iran admitted culpability it would demand a declaration of war 
against Iran. Anyone want to bet that Kennedy, Kerry, Murtha, et. al. 
would have demanded we go to the UN instead? It time to turn Tehran into glass.

>Look at the Egyptian students who got off the plane and dispersed 
>all over the country.  Not that we are aware that they had terrorist 
>plans.  But they could have been terrorists.   Then what?   Look at 
>the Islamist cell phone buyers, discovered by an alert clerk at a 
>Walmart.   Hats off to the clerk, but who is keeping track of these clowns?

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