Gore Sea Levels?

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>Gore Sea Levels?
>By Dennis Avery
>Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth says 
>human-emitted CO2 will boost the earth’s 
>temperatures enough to melt the Arctic ice 
>cap­and suddenly raise sea levels by 20 feet.
>First of all, let’s understand just how cold the 
>Antarctic is. Winter temperatures on its high, 
>cold interior plateau range from 40 to 95 
>degrees F below zero!  In the summer (December) 
>it “warms,” with temperatures dipping only to 49 
>degrees F below zero­and sometimes rising within 
>25 degrees F of the melting point (32 degrees 
>F). But even then, the ice reflects virtually 
>all of the sun’s rays back out into space.
>However, the world’s warming in the past 150 
>years has produced a change in Antarctica. The 
>huge East Antarctic ice sheet, which contains 
>nearly 90 percent of the world’s ice, has been 
>thickening. European satellites measured the ice 
>sheet’s thickness 347 million times between 1992 
>and 2003, and found it is gaining about 45 
>billion tons of water per year because the 
>planet has warmed enough for snow to fall at the coldest place on earth.
>The study, “Snowfall-driven Growth in East 
>Antarctic Ice Sheet Mitigates Recent Sea-level 
>Rise” was led by Curt Davis of the University of 
>Missouri, and reported in Science on June 24, 2005.
>Thickening ice in the Antarctic, in fact, is 
>just about offsetting the meltwater being 
>released from the edges of the Greenland ice 
>sheet­which has also been thickening in its 
>center. This leaves us with a global warming sea 
>level gain of about 1.8 millimeters per year­or 
>4 inches per century. The rise has remained 
>constant during the 20th century despite the 
>moderate 0.6 degree C warming of the planet.
>  In the movie, a whole Antarctic ice sheet 
> shatters on Gore’s computer screen. In the real 
> world, that isn’t happening. It is only the 
> Antarctic Peninsula­2 percent of the 
> continent’s land area that sticks up toward the 
> far-off equator­that is warming. It recently 
> earned headlines by calving an ice floe as big 
> as Rhode Island, not an unusual event.
>But the East Antarctic ice sheet is more than 
>2,000 times bigger than Rhode Island, and the 
>ice is two miles thick!   John Stone of the 
>University of Washington, reporting in Science 
>on January 3, 2003 says the West Antarctic ice 
>sheet has been retreating so slowly for the past 
>10,000 years that it still has not fully 
>accommodated the end of the last Ice Age, and 
>apparently still has about 7,000 years of ice to 
>melt­and the East Antarctic ice sheet is melting even more slowly than that.
>So. Al Gore says Antarctic melting will suddenly 
>raise the sea levels by 20 feet, and the experts 
>say 4 inches per century. Seth Borenstein, an AP 
>science writer, did a column on June 27 
>headlined, “Scientists OK Gore’s Movie for 
>Accuracy.”  The dean of environmental studies at 
>Duke is quoted as saying “He got all the important material and got it right.”
>Were they talking about the same movie I saw? 
>Gore overstated the impact of global warming on 
>the Antarctic glaciers by about 50-fold. Or did 
>he mean that 7000 years was “sudden”?  How can 
>so-called scientists applaud his accuracy either way?
>Dennis T. Avery was a senior policy analyst for 
>the U.S. State Department, where he won the 
>National Intelligence Medal of Achievement. He 
>is the co-author, with atmospheric physicist 
>Fred Singer, of Unstoppable Global Warming: 
>Every 1500 Years, due in October from Rowman & Littlefield.
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