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For those of you who may think SF writers like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells have a bead on the future, I invite the uninitiated to read Herbert's Dune.  Tell me that's not a prediction of Islamic hegemony in the UNIVERSE to come.  
  May the fleas of ten thousand Shai-Hulud infest John Effing Kerry's crotch.

William White <wbbanjo at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
    As Blair struggles to do the right thing by deporting at least some islamofascists and silencing a few preachers of hate, why aren’t we Americans shutting their Waahabi-funded schools and mosques and deporting those who preach hate, sedition, Sharia law for all and the overthrow of the government? We had better overthrow them before they overthrow us. Who can doubt their ultimate objective?  -- 
    Time to go on offense
By Cal Thomas
Saturday, August 12, 2006

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France has usually been governed by prostitutes. (Mark Twain)

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