Are academic elites communists?

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>Are academic elites communists?
>By Walter E. Williams
>Wednesday, August 16, 2006
>Grove City College publishes an excellent 
>newsletter titled "Visions and Values." Its July 
>2006 edition features an interview with Dr. 
>Richard Pipes, acclaimed Russian historian and 
>Harvard University professor of Sovietology. The 
>interview was conducted by Grove City College 
>professor of political science Dr. Paul Kengor.
>Dr. Pipes, who served on the National Security 
>Council during the Reagan administration, 
>explained that there are actually only a few 
>communists among academics. At first glance, 
>that's a puzzling observation, given the leftist 
>bias at most college campuses. Drs. Pipes and 
>Kengor explain the puzzle in a way that makes perfect sense.
>While academic leftists, and I'd include their 
>media allies, are not communists, they are 
>anti-anti-communists. In other words, they have 
>contempt for right-wingers, conservatives or 
>libertarians who are anti-communists. Why? 
>Academic leftists, and their media allies, are 
>in agreement with many of the stated goals of 
>communism, such as equal distribution of wealth, 
>income equality and other goals spelled out in 
>Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels' "Manifesto of 
>the Communist Party." Leftist elites love the 
>ideas of communism so much that they are either 
>blind to, or tolerant of, its many shortcomings.
>In practice, communism is nothing less than 
>sheer barbarism that makes even the horrors of 
>Naziism pale in comparison. Professor Rudolph J. 
>Rummel of the University of Hawaii outlines that 
>barbarism in his book "Death by Government," a 
>comprehensive detailing of the roughly 170 
>million people murdered by their own governments 
>during the 20th century. From 1917 to its 
>collapse in 1991, the Soviet Union murdered 
>about 62 million of its own people. During Mao 
>Zedong's reign, 35,236,000, possibly more, 
>Chinese citizens were murdered. By comparison, 
>Hitler's Nazis managed to murder 21 million of 
>its citizens and citizens in nations they 
>conquered. Adding these numbers to the 60 
>million lives lost in war makes the 20th century mankind's most brutal era.
>At home and abroad, leftists have done a 
>thorough and commendable job documenting and 
>condemning the horrors and crimes of Hitler and 
>his fascist Nazi regime, but when have you heard 
>them direct similar condemnation of Joseph 
>Stalin, his successors and Mao Zedong? By and 
>large, they've chosen to overlook the horrors of communism.
>The reason for their reluctance to condemn the 
>barbarism of communism is simple. Dr. Pipes 
>says, "Intellectuals, by the very nature of 
>their professions, grant enormous attention to 
>words and ideas. And they are attracted by 
>socialist ideas. They find that the ideas of 
>communism are praiseworthy and attractive; that, 
>to them, is more important than the practice of 
>communism. Now Nazi ideals, on the other hand, 
>were pure barbarism; nothing could be said in favor of them."
>Often, when people evaluate capitalism, they 
>evaluate a system that exists on Earth. When 
>they evaluate communism, they are talking about 
>a non-existent Utopia. What exists on Earth, 
>with all of its problems and shortcomings, is 
>always going to fail miserably when compared to 
>a Utopia. The very attempt to achieve the 
>utopian goals of communism requires the ruthless 
>suppression of the individual and an attack on 
>any institution that might compromise the 
>loyalty of the individual to the state. That's 
>why one of the first orders of business for 
>communism, and those who support its ideas, is 
>the attack on religion and the family.
>Rank nations according to whether they are 
>closer to the capitalism end or the communism 
>end of the economic spectrum. Then rank nations 
>according to human rights protections. Finally, 
>rank nations according to per capita income. 
>Without question, citizens of those nations 
>closer to capitalism enjoy a higher standard of 
>living and a far greater measure of liberty than 
>those in nations closer to communism.
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