Egyptian students

Carl Spitzer cwsiv at NERDSHACK.COM
Thu Aug 17 11:57:25 MDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-08-16 at 00:15 -0700, Jim wrote:
> MCSpearing wrote:
> > Actually, I think they would have been in Arizona, or was it New Mexico, 
> > where Germans learned English in the early 40's.  But those were the
> > days ... when almost everyone laughed at Lord Haw Haw and the effite 
> > left for the prissy asses they were and are.
> The Germans might have been here in 1940 or 41 to learn English. 
> However I seriously doubt they were here after December 7.
> What happened to Lord Haw Haw should be done to those who are spreading 
> jihadi propaganda in this country and broadcasting secrets to the enemy.
> In case you don't know, the British hung him on January 3 1946.
We would need every tree in Fort Marcy Park to take care of our
traitors , aka liberals and thats just the federal level.


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