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Actually, Carl, the wild theory is that hydrogen can be split from water (H2O), and the theory isn't wild, only expensive.  It's done all the time, but cost-effective means must be developed. I am immutably convinced that this can, and evetually WILL, be done.  The beauty is that when hydrogen burns, it combines with oxygen (O2) and becomes water again.  That makes hydrogen a recyclable fuel!  Hell, even whining apocalyptic tree-huggers ought to go for that.  

Hydrogen, despite the awful press the Hindenburg gave it, is far more forgiving a fuel than is gasoline.  In a crash, hydrogen, if the tank ruptures, rises away from the car because hydrogen is lighter than air.  Gasoline, on the other hand, pools, soaks into clothing and sticks to everything.  Another Way of looking at it is to imagine Hindenburg filled with high-test ethyl when it exploded. There'd be no survivors.  Shoot, it might still be burning!

Hydrogen can be the new fuel that changes oil companies into ENERGY Companies.  That means they can go on making obscene billions.  But it also would mean that the barbarians of the Middle East can go back to slaughtering one another in their shit-hole deserts just as they have for centuries, as they sink back into the mists and sands and eternal fantasies of the "Religion Peace."  

In a hydrogen-driven planet, the world no longer needs filthy towel-head oil, or them.  This is a goal worth fighting for.


Carl Spitzer <cwsiv at> wrote: There is a wild theory about Hydrogen being derived form air.  If it
were possible forget gas tax.  Imagine that to drive limitlessly without
paying government a dime.


On Wed, 2006-08-16 at 14:19 -0700, MCSpearing wrote:
> Yup, and I think the "spice" or "melange" is a metaphor for OIL.  And
> I can't help but remember when the hero, called by the Fremen
> "Mua'dib," rallied them by saying of the spice (oil), "Those who can
> destroy a thing can control a thing."  And by controlling the spice,
> they won the universe. 
> Crap ... where is Riddick when we really need him?  Ha!  Chronicles of
> Riddick, yet another allegorical story.  We MUST wean ourselves of oil
> or eventually we will be vanquished.  
> Live Long and Prosper, Using Hydrogen.
> MCSpearing
> Carl Spitzer  wrote:
>         Frank Herbert's Dune was the source of the Orange Spice
>         Milange it was a
>         life extending narcotic which enabled certain cronic users to
>         mutate in
>         a few generations into drivers for Space ships and others to
>         become
>         Benegeserit whores who can relive past lives.
>         CWSIV
>         On Tue, 2006-08-15 at 18:17 -0700, MCSpearing wrote:
>         > You have me very confused, Mua'dib.
>         > 

France has usually been governed by prostitutes. (Mark Twain)

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