How lazy can people get?

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Ha!  That all may be, but I can open a can with the P-38 on my key chain by far faster than an electric can opener.  Sniff.  And when the power goes off, my P-38 keeps right on a ripping!

Go ahead.  Ask me what a P-38 is.


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              0   DocumentEmail                  I use all kinds of easy pre-prepared food.  The time I would have used to cook/prepare it is time I can spend on making more money.  People will be as "lazy" as the market will bear.  If it saves time and enables one to increase his income or have more free time, I'm all for it.  Nothing ridiculous about it.  The biggest growth area in the jobs market evidently isn't eliminating jobs any more than the automobile industry eliminated the buggy-whip manufacturer workers' jobs.  I imagine those people found employment in automobile factories, tire factories, paint factories, refineries, etc., related to the auto industry.  It didn't all happen at once, but as there were fewer buggy whips, there were surely more automobiles in use.  The unemployment rate remains low under Bush.
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  My introduction to the precooked bacon was a few years ago at an up scale hotel in the DC-Baltimore area that started using precooked products for their "free" breakfast buffet..  The hot buffet was a definite step up from the standard continental breakfast, without the hassle of operating a kitchen.  No trained cooks,  gas grills, stainless steel sinks with grease traps, vent hoods with sprinkler systems. and other expensive items required by modern fire and health codes.    Untrained bottom end hotel employees would simply nuke the stuff and put it out as they would coffee and doughnuts.   No need to wash the disposable trays. 
  The otherwise ridiculous expense of paying for a food company to cook and package bacon actually made sense, when you compare it to how ridiculous it is for a commercial operation to fry bacon (in compliance with today's regulations) on premises as we would do at home. 
  Seems the biggest growth area in the jobs market has been jobs that help businesses eliminate other jobs.....another sign of the times.
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 > A few years ago I thought I had seen the ultimate in laziness the first 
 > time I saw pre cooked bacon in the grocery store. "Good lord" I thought 
 > to myself. "There are people out there too lazy to fry bacon." 

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